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Sales assistant or sex assistant?
Running time: 33min
Mature's age: 55y.o.
Now that I'm trying to remember how it all happened, I can't even figure out if I was trying to pick a car I wanted to buy or to pick up a chick. I never actually planned anything, though I usually do. This time it just happened. Me and my boy were looking for a van to buy, and there she was, our consultant, just what the doctor ordered. Random talk about cars and their equipage suddenly turned into talk about sex and all spicy stuff. That lad was pretty much bored with her work and her monotonous life, so we like fired it up! Not a big deal to make her spread her legs for us and let us in. That action was mad good
Tourist talked into hot stuff
Running time: 38min
Mature's age: 52y.o.
Tourists are usually eager to gain new experience and do something out of the way. That's understandable, 'cos you know, they do whatever they want to and then forget about it as soon as they get home. So we decided that some hot mama who came to Prague for a visit or something wouldn't object to spending some time with us. So we picked up that tourist hottie hoping she would forget about her husband or whatever it was to make her hesitate. You know how it goes, a few fair words, tempting promises, sweet talk... And she finally gave in. We probed her outdoors and she savored it
Getting intimate with a stranger
Running time: 40min
Mature's age: 39y.o.
Smart guys know that the power of romance is so underestimated these days. Stupid-asses sweat their guts out too look oh so cool and tough, when all you need to do to get laid is to buy your chick a freaking flower. It always works both with young cookies and older chicks. That's exactly how we picked up this mature beauty. We met her in the street, bought her a fucking flower, and she was so into us all the way! We never even got to our place and just fucked in the staircase. That was something else, I must say. She rewarded us for our little present giving us a deep blow, and it got even hotter later
Insane sex with a prosperous chick
Running time: 34min
Mature's age: 38y.o.
I know we are real honey-coolers, but this blonde chick was especially hard to tempt to have sex with us. Mostly because she was all so smart, successful and prosperous, but isn't it why mature ladies are better than shirttail girls? Anyway, we finally persuaded her she had to go out with us. We met her in the subway, so maybe it was the romantic atmosphere which women of all age enjoy that helped us bring our plans into reality, who knows :) Anyway, we ended up somewhere in the woods fucking each others brains out! That was insane, she took our cocks into her mouth and sucked as if she longed to do it for ages
MacDonald's provides food and fuck
Running time: 35min
Mature's age: 38y.o.
MacDonald's seems like the most random place you could think of. Funniest thing is that we never tried to pick up a chick there. Well, probably noone ever does, but this is not the point. Anyway, we saw that sugar babe sitting there all alone. Probably she was waiting for her boyfriend or her hubby, you like never know. But she didn't mind when we joined her and started the usual flirting thing, she even looked happy. Women in their forties rarely get so much attention from young boys, or even from their men. So we managed to score, and she totally gave herself to us in some park nearby. Why that was hot!
Railway station pick-up
Running time: 33min
Mature's age: 52y.o.
We rarely do brunettes, not 'cos we don't like them, it just turns out this way. But we surely couldn't go past this one. She was sitting there waiting for a train to come, all on her own, no jealous old prick around, so we went for it. We made her lough, 'cos that's like almost all you have to do to get into woman's panties. She enjoyed being in the company of young handsome boys, you could read that in the expression of her face, so it didn't take long to talk her into sex. She was a fucking fireball, like absolutely fantastic in bed... Though there was no bed actually, but who cares. We tried every hole she had and that was hot